"Pike Jewish Preschool has been our family's best preschool experience!


Over the last two years, two of my children have attended Pike Jewish Preschool. The experience has been nothing short of exceptional.  The care, focus and attention Esther Kavka and her team of educators puts towards their interactions with the children, daily lesson, and classroom design have provided my children with the most child-centered preschool I have experienced. The small classes size allow for individualized attention. I cannot say enough good things about this school and I encourage anyone with preschool age children to visit for themselves.


I am happy to speak with individual families to share more about our experiences."


-Stacey Cohen

"Our three year old Bella attended Pike Jewish Preschool this year and I cannot recommend the school enough.


The director Esther and the teachers are devoted to their profession, consistently facilitating and nurturing the 'whole child'. As a parent I really appreciated the transparency, and the open communication and that any and all of my tiniest concerns were encouraged.


The curriculum is a remarkable hands-on and interactive learning experience. I was especially impressed by how the activities introduced diverse world cultures, scientific inquiry, and the creative arts. Bella learned so much this year including writing English and Hebrew, but when I ask her what she learned today, she says “I don’t learn, we just play”. Thank you Morah Esther for showing her that learning is fun!"


-Faige Levin