When we feel happy, loved and safe we begin to think, understand, explore and create. Great emphasis is put on choosing staff with a genuine warmth, love and care toward children. 


Children thrive and develop most optimally in a beautiful and natural environment that echoes theirs interests and work, while also reflecting the ambiance of the home. The colors, furniture, trees, flowers and object d'art of our state-of-the-art facility, all contribute to the creative energy in our classrooms.



Our Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum is driven by the students interests and curiosity, and guided by our experienced teachers and staff ensuring age-appropriate academic excellence. By allowing our students to express their unique areas of strength and interests, and by having opportunities to develop and celebrate those talents, their natural love for learning takes root. This process helps the children develop confidence, preparing them to make their unique contribution  to the world.



​Throughout the year, we celebrate the Jewish holidays and traditions, giving our students the opportunity to express their genuine love and excitement for Judaism, through music, art, dance and drama. 

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