Welcome to Pike Jewish Preschool, a place where warm and loving teachers engage with children and listen to their questions and ideas, unleashing their minds to explore and construct knowledge.

Pike Jewish Preschool - North Bethesda, Maryland:

  • Full-time preschool

  • Open from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM

  • Monday through Friday

  • Serving children ages 16 months to 5 years

At Pike Jewish Preschool children come together in a community of kindness, ​ sharing and caring, love and laughter. It's at Pike Jewish Preschool where the love for learning takes root.


Esther Kavka​​​

Founder and Executive Director​​​​

Girl smiling because she loves learning at preschool

Our Mission

Pike Jewish Preschool is a hub for young Jewish families in the North Bethesda, Maryland area to connect and participate in Jewish life.

Our mission is to educate young Jewish minds in a warm and creative environment inspiring students to develop their unique social, intellectual, and physical talents.


Our Core Values

Our Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum is not 'one size fits all', rather it is driven by the students’ interests and curiosity, and guided by our experienced teachers, allowing the children to find their unique talents and qualities.  The philosophy of Pike Jewish Preschool is built on the following core values:


  • ​The understanding that children grow and develop most optimal in a warm and loving environment

  • The appreciation for an open ended and creative curriculum which enables children to ​best ​build ​and retain ​knowledge through personal experience​ and exploration​

  • The belief that each child possesses unique inner talents and qualities that needs to be heard and encouraged by both the child and by those around ​him or her through sincere appreciation and ​respect for a child’s natural stages of development

  • The recognition that the years of early childhood possess within them the capacity for life-long habits, behaviors and attitudes